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Fun Things to Do in the Wichita Area - Augusta, Kansas

by Neal Dieker on February 23, 2023

Family Day of Fun in Augusta, Kansas

Among the many activities to appreciate in Augusta…here are some we were able to highlight:

  • Dalton Palmer Park
  • Sugar Shane's Cafe
  • Santa Fe Lake, North Trail (Mountain Biking)
  • Santa Fe Lake Trails (Hiking and Trail Running)

Watch the video to see some of the activities:

Best Playground in the Area

(One of the best, at least!) The Dalton Palmer Park is spectacular. The playground structure is, in our opinion, suited for ages 10+; however, smaller children can enjoy climbing even if they aren't doing all the obstacles. In addition, there's a fun zip-line swing ride that is fun for all ages. 
Situated right in the heart of the quaint small-town main street, there's plenty of great things to see and do.

Other Shops Near the Park

When Summer is in full effect, be sure to check out these to fun shops. SNOASIS Shaved Ice is a perfect refreshment during play across the street at Dalton Palmer Park. If shaved ice isn't your thing, delectable ice cream and other treats are available right by the park in the shopping center at BonBons Ice Cream.

Sugar Shane's Cafe

One of the gems in Augusta is Sugar Shane’s Cafe. There's truly something for everyone to enjoy at this "World Famous Cafe." Tropical themed, it's the perfect place to enjoy an array of appetizers, sandwiches, flatbreads, burgers, and much more!

Mountain Biking Trails - Santa Fe Lake

In Kansas, especially in the Wichita Area, there is a limited number of single-track mountain bike trails to explore. We think the Santa Fe lake trail network is among the best within a major mile radius. These intermediate trails offer an extraordinary ride any time of year. The featured photos below are from the Santa Fe Lake, North Trail, but there also is a shorter South section, as well.

Hiking Trails at Santa Fe Lake

Whether you’re an avid hiker or a trail runner, these trails have something for you! Beautiful trees, moderately easy brushed out trails, lake shore views, and so many animals to spot.