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Lawson Elementary Playground - Leavenworth, Kansas - Commercial Playground

by Neal Dieker on April 14, 2023

Elementary Playground Project Overview

At Actively Play, we believe that every child deserves access to a safe and engaging playground, which is why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to install a range of playground equipment at Lawson Elementary School in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Our team worked closely with the school, architect, and playground manufacturer to install equipment that would cater to the diverse needs and ages of their students, while also providing a fun and challenging environment for play.

Take a look at the video and gallery below to see the finished project!

Main Play Structures

The Wooden Ship Play Structure is a focal point of the playground, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play as children explore the deck, climb the net between decks, and slide down the “plank.” The structure is specifically designed for children aged 5-12, ensuring that it is challenging yet safe for this age group. There’s also a second larger play structure that will surely keep the children’s attention.

Other Playground Features

One of the standout features of the playground is the embankment net climber. It's a great way for children to build strength, coordination, and spatial awareness, as they climb up the embankment. The slides at the top of the embankment are also a popular feature that provide children with a thrilling ride down a hillside.

The seated “merry-go-round” is a fun and social piece of equipment, encouraging teamwork and communication as children work together to spin around. The Birds Nest swings are another favorite among children, with multiple swings allowing for group play and coordination.

The embankment climbing section is another feature that challenges children to test their strength and climbing skills.

Younger children are catered for with the unique structures for 2-5 year olds, which has lower-level equipment and slides. The playground also includes multiple spinners…they’re a fun way for children to develop balance and coordination.

Inclusive Playground Features

Inclusivity is important to us, and we were thrilled to install Inclusive swing-sets that provide a safe and comfortable space for children with disabilities to enjoy the playground alongside their peers. Finally, a playhouse provides children with a space for imaginative play, promoting social and emotional development.

Final Thoughts

We take pride in creating playgrounds that are both safe and exciting for children. The installation at Lawson Elementary School in Leavenworth, Kansas was a great success, and we were thrilled to see the children enjoying and benefitting from the new playground equipment. We believe that investing in play is investing in the future of our communities, and we look forward to continuing to create fun and safe play spaces for children of all ages and abilities.