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Santa Fe Lake, North Trails - Mountain Biking - Augusta, Kansas

by Neal Dieker on February 23, 2023

Mountain Biking in Kansas

The Wichita Area, in comparison to other parts of the country, is seriously hurting for quality mountain biking trails. The Santa Fe Lake trail network is one of the best within many miles. The intermediate trails offer an extraordinary ride any time of year. The featured photos below are from the Santa Fe Lake, North Trail, but there also is a shorter South section, as well.

Watch the video of the best segments of the North Trail system:

Wichita Area Biking

The North Trail is a fast and flowing trail. There are limited technical parts and is mostly flat. If you're interested in a more technical trail, definitely check out the South Trail. The South trail has been in existence for over 25 years and like mentioned above, both options around Santa Fe Lake are exciting single-track and double-track courses in the Wichita, Kansas area.