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How to Shop With Us

Because there are many factors that go into each delivery of our playground equipment, rubber mulch and surfacing products, we custom quote each request to make sure your specific needs are met and to ensure that you’re getting the best possible rates for your order. Shopping with us involves three easy steps… Browse, Quote, and Buy.

1. Browse

Browse our products and add what you need to your quote. Once you’ve got all the products you need in your quote cart then submit your quote request, no payment details necessary. If you’re ever in doubt, just give our expert sales staff a call at 877-884-3660. We would be happy to assist you with any questions you have.

2. Quote

Once we receive your quote request we’ll analyze your location in relation to our warehouse locations for the best delivery route. We’ll then choose the best delivery service for your specific needs and shop your shipment among our trusted carriers for the best rates possible. You’ll receive a final quote back within 1 business day. Our custom quoting service ensures that you receive the best service and pricing possible for your surfacing and mulching needs.

3. Buy

Once you’ve had the chance to review your final quote you can purchase by check, credit card, or paypal.