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Plastic Timber Borders

Playground Border Timbers

Playground Borders Available in Multiple Sizes

We are excited to introduce you to our plastic playground border timbers. These plastic playground borders are available in 8″ and 12″ heights and are very easy to install. They are a great option help maintain and contain loose-fill playground surfacing like wood mulch or rubber mulch.

In addition to playground borders we also carry complimentary products for a complete border system. Here is a list of products we carry that are compatible with the 8″ and 12″ black plastic playground borders:

  • Filler Ends – Filler ends are used to fill the gap on one end of the border to create a flush edge.
  • ADA Ramps – We carry a Full Ramp and a Half Ramp. They are perfect for creating a smooth entry into the play area
  • 1 ft Border – We have a shorter 1′ border available for the 12″ size. This is a great option for play areas with atypical dimensions.
  • Extra Spike – Sometimes it can be helpful to have an extra spike handy for odd areas or replacement.

Sturdy and durable borders are an important element of any playground environment. Our borders make a great addition to any playground construction project. You can reach Actively Play directly at (877) 884-3660. Call today to learn more about our plastic playground borders, and our rubber curb borders as well. We’ll work closely with you to find the right product for your needs.